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David and his son "Brian"

ca. 2004

A bunch of us knife guys gathered at the Southern California Blade Show, in Pasadena, Ca.  March 8th - 10th....

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Our Founder, Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather.


Frank Yellowhorse, Navajo

02/14/33 - 08/13/20



Frank started selling at a very young age at his parents rug stand on The Navajo Reservation, located at the Arizona and New Mexico State line at old route 66. He sold Navajo hand-woven rugs and petrified wood to the passing travelers. In those days he remembers the small single lane highway that ran in front of the stand, that gave him the opportunity to meet and talk with many people from all parts of the country and the World.

Today, the trading post is located in Lupton Arizona, nested in a valley between beautiful carved sandstone cliff. Tasbah, Frank's daughter, runs the trading post. She enjoys meeting travelers from many states.

Yellowhorse limited

In our site, you will find that we specialize in David Yellowhorse Knives and his Jewely.  You will find some of David's work in the products section to the left.


Also, David is specialized in Jewelry repair of Indian Arts & Crafts


We have many limited editions of Knife art and jewelry by Yellowhorse. 

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Arizona - New Mexico Stateline
year: 2015 - Photo by David Yellowhorse
father Frank, sister Susie and David
My father Frank is 82 years old in this photo - 2015